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The delicate balance between Israel’s Jewish and democratic characters has been upset over the past 25 years by the Israeli Supreme Court. Former Chief Justice Aharon Barak and his ultra-liberal successors have dramatically diluted the Jewish dimension of the Jewish-and-democratic equilibrium. That is why the Jewish nation-state bill is reasonable and required.
On Israel-Diaspora “distancing”: Nothing short of a deep commitment to traditional Jewish ritual practice is likely to lead to a revitalization of Jewish life in America and subsequently create a solid basis for recovery in Diaspora-Israel relations.
An ideologically bankrupt A.B. Yehoshua wants to replace the Jewish state with an Israeli-Palestinian federation of some sort. This is the inevitable end result of a long process of loss of Jewish-Zionist identity that afflicts the hard Left. Having despaired of the “two-state solution,” Yehoshua is now dumping the idea of Israel all-together. Ugh!
Despite military threats and other challenges, the State of Israel is winning on all fronts. Israel is stronger and healthier than all its enemies combined. At Israel’s 70th, it is important to emphasize and re-emphasize this perspective: The Heavens are shining, not collapsing, upon Israel.
The Haggadah’s four architypes of “sons” uncannily correspond to models of political engagement with Israel today. One is wise, one is wicked, one is simple, and one does not even know how to become part of the conversation...
Profound, provocative and intellectually significant Jews to follow over the coming year: Ayelet Shaked, Boaz Bismuth, Dani Dayan, Doron Almog, Evelyn Gordon, Gideon Saar, Gideon Samuel, Henry Kissinger, Irwin Cotler, Nir Barkat, Sheryl Sandberg, Shlomo Riskin, Yehoshua Pfeffer, Yishai Fraenkel, and Zeev Rotstein.
The State of Israel’s identification with Jewish nationhood is under attack from large parts of the international community, and from Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, post-Zionist Jews, and anti-Jewish Jews. The “Jewish” side of the formulation “a Jewish and democratic state” is under internal assault as well.
The tomatoes, oranges and eggplants of this land have a grand story to tell, and they have released a letter addressed the Jewish People. Here it is. “There is no greater sign of redemption than the agricultural re-blooming of the Land of Israel.”
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