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The tomatoes, oranges and eggplants of this land have a grand story to tell, and they have released a letter addressed the Jewish People. Here it is. “There is no greater sign of redemption than the agricultural re-blooming of the Land of Israel.”
Foreign critics have already begun to crank-out a nasty and false story for the fiftieth anniversary of the "occupation" – that "Israel’s soul has been corrupted.” In response, Israel must assert loudly and clearly that its soul is just fine. Its temperament remains enlightened. Its democratic institutions are ferociously robust. Its return to Judea and Samaria is legitimate, not immoral.
All the heroism, humanism, determination and vision that characterizes the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the re-anchoring of Jewish identity in Jerusalem over the past half-century is encapsulated in the story of Yeshivat Hakotel.
The Biblical story of Isaac – specifically, how Isaac’s detractors first detested him, then came around to embrace him – is a tale pregnant with deep policy relevance for the modern State of Israel. Faith, fortune and power are the ingredients that guarantee Israel success against its adversaries.
A Haaretz rant in "Foreign Affairs" magazine about the “end of the old Israel” is out of whack with reality, and can only be an expression of the Left’s deep political despair. Israel is not suffering from cultural retardation or democratic deficit!
Israelis posses the sense of righteousness, purpose and resolve so desperately needed by the West. Seder night rituals reinforce this. Fighting off global Islamic jihadist attacks will similarly require a renewal of Western resolve that can only come from profound intellectual and moral rearmament.
Another son of mine was drafted into the IDF this week. In this column I discuss his “conflict” between Torah study and army service, and the ideological choice he made in navigating commitments to both.
The latest archaeological finds – including King Hezekiah’s royal seal impression – broadcast the rootedness of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. The pedigree of the Jewish People in Jerusalem and the Land of Israel is rock solid and well-embedded. No number of Palestinians wielding kitchen knives – or any other weapon – will succeed in severing Jews from Jerusalem.
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