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Even if he does nothing else, US President Donald Trump already has helped Israel regain a significant degree of defensive strength by rejecting ‘daylight’ as strategic policy, and instead warmly embracing Prime Minister Netanyahu as an intimate ally. This is good enough reason to raise a glass of wine and toast Israel’s improved diplomatic fortunes.
Israel’s rising and rousing wine industry is a grand strategic asset! This week, one of the world’s top wine journals, Wine Spectator, devoted its cover story to Israeli wines with the headline “Surprising quality from an emerging region.” And the world’s most influential wine critic, Robert Parker, similarly just ranked a few Israeli wines as world class. Here are some of their picks, and mine.
For Shushan Purim, meet ten top Israeli winemakers: Shiki Rauchberger of Teperberg, Dr. Shivi Drori of Gvaot, Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon of Tura, Pierre Miodownick of Domaine Netofa, Jacques Capsouto of Capsouto, Eran Goldwasser and Ya’acov Ben Dor of Yatir, Eli Ben-Zaken of Domaine du Castel, Yisrael Flam of Flam, Ya’acov Berg of Psagot, and Sam Soroka of Jerusalem Winery.
It turns out that Israel is blessed with natural resources after all – gas, water and wine! As for wine: This is a wonderful time for Israel Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Mediterranean blend wines.
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