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Abbas spews out extremist vitriol and seeks the criminalization of Israel in international fora, and legitimizes terrorism when speaking to Palestinians. Yet his critics are disregarded, just as Arafat’s critics were dismissed during the Oslo heyday.
With eight days to go to Israel Election Day, this is my review of the political party advertising campaigns and television commercials, replete with 18 full-color photos.
From now until January 22, you have to read every news item with the Israeli elections in mind. Take nothing at face value. Every statement, revelation, or initiative is politically motivated and skewed to influence the outcome of the Israeli vote, or to take advantage of the election season for narrow or hostile gain. Here are three early examples.
Abbas must be dragged down from the aggressive perch dangerously high up on the warlike tree that he has planted in the PA. A renewed multilateral effort for the proven combination of state-building and security cooperation is the best way forward.
The annual Herzog College Bible study seminar at Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut – in which over 6,000 Israelis participated last week – is a magnificent enterprise, an intellectual treat, and an exhilarating spiritual experience. Too bad it gets no media coverage.
Israel is guided by an astral calculus that is not always perceptible. This explains why we sometimes stubbornly refuse to recognize the rational calculations of diplomatic cost and benefit – calculations politely impressed on us by well-meaning allies.
Abbas would be better off not threatening us with his own demise. Israel can manage without him and his Palestinian "authority."
Here is a potpourri of punditry on Israel's demand for recognition as the Jewish state, Obama's mistakes, Islamic radicalism, the settlement freeze, Israel's monopolies, and the fight for Jerusalem.
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