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An unconventional theological-strategic thought: When Israel is strong socially and spiritually it earns the respect of friends and successfully deters its foes (and draws the support of the Heavens). On the link between Israel’s national security and its national decency.
A roundup of deep-think articles on America’s long goodbye from global involvement, the coming Mideast wars, Israel and the liberal order, protecting and preserving Area C, why Arabs hate Palestinians, anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party, American Jews’ failure of imagination, and life choices.
Prolonged political uncertainty poses two different dangers: that Israel’s enemies will be tempted to take advantage of Israel’s infirmity, and that Israel will be unable to take advantage of emerging grand diplomatic opportunities.
Danger ahead: There are signs that President Trump is getting ready to ease the pressures on Iran and bargain for a new nuclear deal: A US-Iran “deal of the century.” This could be knottier and more nebulous than valuable. My fear is twofold: that Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign will be cut short before Iran’s leaders truly have no choice but to capitulate to Western demands...
Dr. Henry Kissinger remains one of the greatest practitioners of modern foreign policy and strategic affairs; a towering intellectual thinker; an architect of global stability and Mideast peacemaking; and yes – he was friend of Israel when in office and he is today too. (He did NOT purposefully delay US resupply of Israel with arms during the Yom Kippur war).
A new national security plan for the Israeli government by fellows of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS) says: Avoid risky diplomatic escapades and prepare for war.
Arens upheld the policy principal that Israel must always retaliate for attacks on its soil. He wasn’t prepared to bend to US diplomatic or defense pressures when Zionist fundamentals were at stake.
A political-diplomatic forecast for the year ahead: Netanyahu wins but his era ends, war in the north, Trump plan fizzle, Supreme Court domineering, and more Jews abroad in distress. But Israel grows stronger than ever.
The head of the IAEA this week said to Israel: Go to hell; we know better; we’ll take our time; and we don't really want to embarrass or anger the Iranians... On the limitations – indeed, the uselessness and even venality, of international institutions – when it comes to guaranteeing Israeli security.
David M. Weinberg is a think tank director, columnist and lobbyist who is a sharp critic of Israel’s detractors and of post-Zionist trends in Israel. Read more »
A passionate speaker, David M. Weinberg lectures widely in Israel, the U.S. and Canada to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences. He speaks on international politics and Middle East strategic affairs, Israeli diplomacy and defense strategy, intelligence matters and more. Click here to book David Weinberg as a speaker

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