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Incitement against religious Jews and religious parties disfigures this election campaign. It’s hunting season on Jewish tradition, the traditional Jewish family, Jewish scholarship, displays of religious belief, the Rabbinate, rabbinical courts, Shabbat legislation, even religious cultural events.
For Tisha Be'Av: Isn’t it time to re-energize our national spirit with a measure of historical perspective, and our societal morals with some fine-tuned lessons from Jewish tradition?
The drafting or exemption of haredi men from military service is back as the super-stumbling block before Netanyahu’s new government. Here are two possible solutions.
It would be disastrous if the Supreme Court shuts down gender-separate college programs. This would kill the slow but measurable and exciting movement of haredim into the workforce – which is crucial for the Israeli economy and the future of Israeli society.
Seven special guests – modern leaders – who underscore Israel’s successes. An upbeat strategic assessment for Succot.
A roundup of recent deep-think articles on American Jewry, Haredi bourgeoise, Iranian challenges, and American populism.
The drive to pass the Jewish nation-state law and the growing appeal of sophisticated Bible study stem from a similar profound place: a desire to entrench our roots in this land.
The delicate balance between Israel’s Jewish and democratic characters has been upset over the past 25 years by the Israeli Supreme Court. Former Chief Justice Aharon Barak and his ultra-liberal successors have dramatically diluted the Jewish dimension of the Jewish-and-democratic equilibrium. That is why the Jewish nation-state bill is reasonable and required.
Despite Palestinian terrorism and Orthodox “control” of the site, more than one million Jewish pilgrims flocked to Jerusalem’s Western Wall during the High Holiday period. So let’s keep Kotel “crises” in perspective.
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