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Israel must administer Area C effectively and with much more authority, whether it wishes to either hold the territory as an effective card for future bargaining or it intends to annex the lands to Israel.
Any movement away from antiquated formulas, obsolete paradigms, and hoary solutions – most of which have been based in maximalist Palestinian demands deemed “holy” by the so-called international community – would be a huge achievement.
Lt. Gen. Gatz seems to be suggesting unilateral Israeli withdrawals and another disengagement. This is both frightening and clarifying.
A political-diplomatic forecast for the year ahead: Netanyahu wins but his era ends, war in the north, Trump plan fizzle, Supreme Court domineering, and more Jews abroad in distress. But Israel grows stronger than ever.
Every time someone says Happy Chanukah, they axiomatically acknowledge Jewish indigenous rights in Israel and on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.
General Yadlin’s unilateral disengagement plans are neither new nor logical. Unilateral Israeli withdrawals will not enhance Israeli security nor improve Israel’s international position and moral standing; and it will rip Israeli society apart, for no good reason.
In pursuit of peace, it’s high-time that the PLO be showered with the “tough love” once reserved uniquely for Israel. And Israel’s defense establishment should get behind the ditch UNRWA discourse.
The Clinton-Obama parameters haven’t worked – not for 25 years of peacemaking efforts since Oslo. They have lead to deadlock and much suffering. Let’s give the Trump team credit for taking a fresh look at what is safe, wise, fair and realistic in today’s Israeli-Palestinian reality.
It is time to stop defending the lame “status quo” in Jerusalem. Primarily, this means three controversial things: Israel should give full citizenship to all 300,000 Jerusalemite Arabs; it must embark on a grand-scale home building campaign in the Jerusalem environs; and it should insist upon Jewish prayer rights on “Har HaBayit,” the Temple Mount…
An ideologically bankrupt A.B. Yehoshua wants to replace the Jewish state with an Israeli-Palestinian federation of some sort. This is the inevitable end result of a long process of loss of Jewish-Zionist identity that afflicts the hard Left. Having despaired of the “two-state solution,” Yehoshua is now dumping the idea of Israel all-together. Ugh!
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