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Abbas spews out extremist vitriol and seeks the criminalization of Israel in international fora, and legitimizes terrorism when speaking to Palestinians. Yet his critics are disregarded, just as Arafat’s critics were dismissed during the Oslo heyday.
Abbas is complicit in the assassination attempt on Yehuda Glick. Abbas has explicitly exhorted and incited to Palestinian violence against Israel in Jerusalem.
The Netanyahu government has a responsibility to run the radical Islamic ruffians off the Mount, and punish them for attempting to turn the holy site into Armageddon.
On this eve of Yom Kippur, Israel and the Jewish People should be defiant, not repentant. As a nation and as a people we have been apologizing far too much.
What “corrupts” more: The “occupation,” or Israeli withdrawals and the inevitable wars against Palestinian terrorist enclaves? Should Israel draw more borders and build more fences so that the Palestinians can dig under them and shoot over them; or should Israel erase the Green Line once and for all, and assert new models of autonomous coexistence for a better future?
The IDF and Obama are mainly to blame for the current military-diplomatic impasse with Hamas, not Netanyahu. But the Prime Minister must snap the IDF into order, and resist Obama’s pressures.
The Left is threatening to wring diplomatic defeat from Israel's win in Gaza by glamming up Abbas and pushing a process of Israeli withdrawals.
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