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The new Netanyahu government will enjoy widespread public backing for determined action to shore-up Israel’s stake in the holy city. Time to reestablish Zionist momentum in Jerusalem, in the face of multiple diplomatic and security threats.
Doing what is needed to improve Israel's personal and national security does not require any apologies. Israel ought not weakly whimper away. What has happened to our national grit? Time to rev-up a national outcry and wake-up our government.
Abbas spews out extremist vitriol and seeks the criminalization of Israel in international fora, and legitimizes terrorism when speaking to Palestinians. Yet his critics are disregarded, just as Arafat’s critics were dismissed during the Oslo heyday.
Abbas is complicit in the assassination attempt on Yehuda Glick. Abbas has explicitly exhorted and incited to Palestinian violence against Israel in Jerusalem.
The Netanyahu government has a responsibility to run the radical Islamic ruffians off the Mount, and punish them for attempting to turn the holy site into Armageddon.
If Israel truly wants to hold on to a united Jerusalem, it must act forcefully to restore security in the holy city. The Netanyahu government seems indecisive or asleep as Israeli sovereignty over many of Jerusalem’s eastern neighborhoods, Arab and Jewish, is being challenged.
Jews no longer need to scorn the Church, and Pope Francis should be warmly welcomed to Israel. But when he visits next week, the Pope ought to speak ever more forthrightly about recognition and security for Israel. I've penned some language for him to use...
The Netanyahu government has become too accepting of Palestinian violence in the city and too tolerant of Wakf chutzpa on the Temple Mount. Only when Israel acts in concrete fashion to shore up its stake in Jerusalem can the city be secured.
Aryeh Deri’s defeat in Jerusalem is the most important result of yesterday’s nation-wide municipal elections. Deri concocted Moshe Leon’s implausible candidacy, sold it to Lieberman, and promised to deliver the goods through massive Haredi support for Leon – all for greater self-aggrandizement of Aryeh Deri.
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