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President Trump is acting to restore America’s credibility as a world power after eight years of diffident presidential leadership. He is not frightened by the mobs of the Arab or Persian world or by their effete champions in the West. He doesn't quake in his boots at the possibility of upsetting Mahmoud Abbas or Ali Khamenei....
Two momentous speeches in the Knesset plenum – by the Canadian prime minister four years ago and the US vice president this week  – may have transformed the course of history. Harper and Pence offer moral and spiritual leadership for the world.
The Palestinians and the Europeans brought Trump’s Jerusalem declaration on themselves by running an ugly campaign of denialism and denigration against Israel. Their brazen persistence in delegitimizing the Jewish People’s historic roots and rights in Jerusalem led to this defiant and ultimately honorable result: a re-assertion of reality.
The application of de facto sovereignty and governance on the ground is the core of political action that can keep Jerusalem whole. The struggle for sovereignty in Jerusalem has transitioned from ‘Jerusalem on High’ – high-powered political summits, to ‘Jerusalem of Below’ – decent daily life in the city for Arabs and Jews alike.
Despite Palestinian terrorism and Orthodox “control” of the site, more than one million Jewish pilgrims flocked to Jerusalem’s Western Wall during the High Holiday period. So let’s keep Kotel “crises” in perspective.
Cutting Arab neighborhoods in the east and north out of Jerusalem’s municipal jurisdiction is a bad idea; a slippery slope towards a full-scale political division of the city. Either Israel rules effectively, generously and fully in greater Jerusalem, for all residents, or it doesn’t.
The project has turned the Wakf’s criminal dump of the most sensitive and valuable archaeological dirt on the globe – a national disgrace – into a national treasure. Funding the project is the least the government can do as penance for its long-standing malfeasance in countering Palestinian-Islamic aggression against Jewish history in Jerusalem.
Israel must flex some muscle to disabuse Abbas of the delusion that he can bully Israel into retreat. Tactical Israeli restraint, like the decision to retreat from justified security measures at the Temple Mount, comes-off as capitulation to Palestinian terrorism. It reinforces the rejectionist and triumphalist Palestinian narrative.
The so-called “status quo” on the Temple Mount is dead. Israel cannot redress the situation by just attempting to “restore calm.” Israel should put on the table a plan to bring justice to administration of Har HaBayit, including Jewish prayer on the Mount.
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