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The Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies – Israel's new, conservative security think tank – will counter debilitating currents in Israeli defense and diplomatic discourse, and recapture the mainstream in Zionist security thinking.
Israel shouldn’t pay the EU one red cent of “compensation” for dismantling illegally-built EU settlements in Area C. And if our government idiotically dares to settle with the EU, and shells out a single shekel, I am going to withhold paying my taxes in protest.
Cutting Arab neighborhoods in the east and north out of Jerusalem’s municipal jurisdiction is a bad idea; a slippery slope towards a full-scale political division of the city. Either Israel rules effectively, generously and fully in greater Jerusalem, for all residents, or it doesn’t.
Profound, provocative and intellectually significant Jews to follow over the coming year: Ayelet Shaked, Boaz Bismuth, Dani Dayan, Doron Almog, Evelyn Gordon, Gideon Saar, Gideon Samuel, Henry Kissinger, Irwin Cotler, Nir Barkat, Sheryl Sandberg, Shlomo Riskin, Yehoshua Pfeffer, Yishai Fraenkel, and Zeev Rotstein.
Once again, an American administration is begging Abbas to put on his “moderate” mask, and not to “exacerbate” the situation with an inflammatory speech or with extreme moves against Israel. what difference does it make whether Abbas gives a “moderate” speech at the UN next week? His obstructionism is constant.
My semi-annual guide to good drinking of current kosher Israeli wines. I comment on wines from Gross, La Citadelle de Diamant, Eshet Lot, Covenant, Galil Mountain, Livni, Teperberg, Montefiore, Tura, Carmel, Yatir and Flam wineries. To all readers who haven’t yet learned to appreciate the fine wines of Israel, I say that it’s time for you to do teshuva, to repent!
The project has turned the Wakf’s criminal dump of the most sensitive and valuable archaeological dirt on the globe – a national disgrace – into a national treasure. Funding the project is the least the government can do as penance for its long-standing malfeasance in countering Palestinian-Islamic aggression against Jewish history in Jerusalem.
Netanyahu has not been “just playing petty politics in order to survive,” nor has he mainly spent his time monkeying with the media or smoking cigars and drinking champagne. He has driven Israel forward on the basis of a coherent strategic worldview and improved Israel’s fortunes.
Jared Kushner has discovered that Israeli-Palestinian peace isn’t happening soon. Kushner’s caution and realism is actually refreshing. It apparently comes from the realization that there is an enormous gap between Israelis and Palestinians in their readiness for peace.
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