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Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran is meant to redirect the entire vector of American Middle East policy: To retreat from Pax Americana and allow Iran to take its place as a major regional power. That’s why Netanyahu won’t scale back his opposition. Obama’s retreat must be stopped, and the Iran deal must be made politically toxic.
The moralizing American president is going to muscle Israel back to the “true” moral values of Judaism and Zionism on which he is so expert. And if not, at least he will have driven a wedge between American Jews and Israel.
Netanyahu is completely within the consensual tradition of all Israeli leaders in insisting on a performance-based peace process, where Palestinian statehood is a contingent, not definite, result.
Here is my suggestion for the speech that Netanyahu is to give in Washington on March 3 – on fortitude, fate and a binary moment of clarity. “Is America is ready to legitimize a seismic shift in the global balance of power through an irresolute and debilitating bargain with the Ayatollahs of Iran? I pray not.”
Netanyahu believes with every bone in his body that the contours of Obama’s emerging deal with Iran are dangerous for the world and existentially disastrous for Israel. He should be applauded for the initiative to speak forthrightly on the Iranian threat in Congress next month. It’s called leadership.
Obama is fixated on a phony issue, settlements, and on the consequences for Israel of its impending isolation. Ostensibly, this worries him. But not really. Obama is feigning dismay at the possible isolation of Israel, while paving the way towards that isolation.
Obama is betting on inducing the Ayatollahs into Persian perestroika, and is battering critics of the Geneva deal with insinuations of disloyalty, dual loyalty and warmongering.
From Israel’s perspective, the accord is a strategic defeat for the West, since it legitimizes Iran’s status as a nuclear threshold state. As a result, US credibility on Iran is shot so badly in Israeli eyes that, alas, almost nothing American leaders can say will now allay Israeli fears.
What will it take to rouse American Jewry into action against Obama’s drift towards a grand civilizational deal with the Iranians, at Israel’s expense?
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