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Rejection leads to projection. In his final days, Obama will act to unilaterally move the markers where he still can, including a drive towards Palestinian statehood. Israel should make it clear, both as a threat and as a policy principle to be put into action, that unilateral action will beget unilateral Israeli action in response.
Consider the situation in America to the situation in Israel on almost any foreign or domestic issue, and you’re forced to admit that, heck, Israel is in a better place....A lament for America, sullied by a loutish election campaign; and a comparative salute to Israel.
An open letter to the scores of world leaders who came to Israel today for the funeral of Shimon Peres. Alas, the love expressed for Peres is largely a love for the Israel of Oslo, the Israel that makes broad concessions and takes risks for peace, etc; almost as if Israel can be loved only if it follows in Peres' footsteps.
Beyond the bullying rhetoric, bigoted swagger and chauvinist bravado, does Donald Trump have a strategic worldview? A new adviser says so: Trump will work with Russia to check China and radical Islam; and he will maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge. Interesting… but I remain skeptical.
Pray that US Vice President Biden doesn’t use his upcoming visit to Israel to pour more fuel on false fires regarding settlements. The administration has time and again perfidiously blamed “rampant” settlement construction – fictional epidemic construction – for the failures of its peace process diplomacy.
Sadly, the Obama administration seems to have signed-on to Abbas’ game plan: Dodge true talks where the Palestinians would have to compromise with Israel, and instead compel unilateral Israeli concessions via international pressure.
The use of Yitzhak Rabin’s name to support a galloping-forward two-state-solution peace process – is left-wing historical revisionism. Netanyahu should stick to his policy principles, and not be wedged off-course in search of ersatz, temporary relief from Obama’s pressures.
John Kerry carries a badly broken American moral compass. There is no need for him to fly here with admonitions for Israel or rewards for Palestinian extremism.
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