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Policy initiatives for Netanyahu over the coming three-month transition period, together with Trump: Squeeze Iran harder, expel the UN from Jerusalem, curb Turkey’s destabilizing ambitions, expand the “Abraham Accords” circle of peace, and more.
Whether Trump is reelected or replaced by Biden, many of the Trump administration’s novel Mideast policies should be adopted by the next administration, even if Democrats shrink from crediting Trump for any breakthroughs. The principles are in America’s best interests as well as Israel’s.
A selection of my analysis from the past ten years on Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb and Western acquiescence in this, led by former President Obama. Sad to say that in 2012 I smelled Obama’s rotten deal coming.
The organization’s new knavery: cutting US military aid to coerce Israel into withdrawals. J Street is now less protective of Israeli security than Obama was.
Dr. Henry Kissinger remains one of the greatest practitioners of modern foreign policy and strategic affairs; a towering intellectual thinker; an architect of global stability and Mideast peacemaking; and yes – he was friend of Israel when in office and he is today too. (He did NOT purposefully delay US resupply of Israel with arms during the Yom Kippur war).
Trump’s landmark Golan decision asserts the law of diminishing returns: Arabs who refuse to make peace with Israel lose rights and assets as time goes forward. Mahmoud Abbas: Take notice.
Any movement away from antiquated formulas, obsolete paradigms, and hoary solutions – most of which have been based in maximalist Palestinian demands deemed “holy” by the so-called international community – would be a huge achievement.
Arens upheld the policy principal that Israel must always retaliate for attacks on its soil. He wasn’t prepared to bend to US diplomatic or defense pressures when Zionist fundamentals were at stake.
Two momentous speeches in the Knesset plenum – by the Canadian prime minister four years ago and the US vice president this week  – may have transformed the course of history. Harper and Pence offer moral and spiritual leadership for the world.
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