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Passover Eve reflections on global failings and Israel’s autonomy, with a modern prayer for the seder: Protect Israel, oh Lord, from untrustworthy statesmen and back-stabbing superpowers. And if and when necessary, give us the grit to go it alone.
Netanyahu should capitalize on his sweeping victory to reset the diplomatic table by outlining a pragmatic process that Israel can participate in, and to draw clear Israeli red lines as to acceptable contours of a solution. Doing so is especially urgent since Israel is already facing a renewed international campaign for West Bank withdrawals.
Here is my suggestion for the speech that Netanyahu is to give in Washington on March 3 – on fortitude, fate and a binary moment of clarity. “Is America is ready to legitimize a seismic shift in the global balance of power through an irresolute and debilitating bargain with the Ayatollahs of Iran? I pray not.”
It’s ardor for Islam and sympathy for Islamic ambitions of global leadership, not just distaste for American overreach, that apparently fuels Obama’s secretive dash towards a deal with Iran. There is no other plausible explanation for his willingness to overlook Iran’s emerging Islamic empire.
Netanyahu believes with every bone in his body that the contours of Obama’s emerging deal with Iran are dangerous for the world and existentially disastrous for Israel. He should be applauded for the initiative to speak forthrightly on the Iranian threat in Congress next month. It’s called leadership.
America is not the only party that can play linkage politics. Netanyahu should now be saying to Obama: If you're not going to protect Israel and the region from the Iranians, expect less cooperation from me on other files. You screwed Israel over Bushehr, so don't expect me to give you Yitzhar.
One day, the U.S. says sanctions will force Iran to relinquish its nuclear program. The next, it says delaying sanctions will make Iran more amenable to shutting down its program. Confusing, isn't it?
Obama is betting on inducing the Ayatollahs into Persian perestroika, and is battering critics of the Geneva deal with insinuations of disloyalty, dual loyalty and warmongering.
From Israel’s perspective, the accord is a strategic defeat for the West, since it legitimizes Iran’s status as a nuclear threshold state. As a result, US credibility on Iran is shot so badly in Israeli eyes that, alas, almost nothing American leaders can say will now allay Israeli fears.
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