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Bennett should not back down on the draft issue in the face of Haredi threats, because rolling back Ultra-Orthodox influence on matters of religion and state is critical to the health and unity of this country.
The ruinous Ultra-Orthodox ‘thou shall not work’ ethic imperils the Haredi sector and broader Israeli society. Netanyahu should take the lead in helping Haredim out from the hole they have dug for themselves by freeing them from almost all army service and ending the all-encompassing government-support system for those not even attempting to earn a living.
The political Left in Israel gave the Ultra-Orthodox the keys to Israel’s Jewish character in order to purchase Haredi support for the Oslo “peace process.” It was Labor and Kadima, not Likud, which “granted the Haredim a monopoly on the Jewishness of the State of Israel.”
Although the Plesner Committee imploded before it could conclude its work, the Plesner report could still be the thin edge of a good wedge, and its basic guidelines for integration of Haredim in the workforce and military should be embraced by the Netanyahu government.
Memo to the “Camp Sucker” protestors demanding complete equalization of the burden of national service: Get real, and get behind the Keshev Committee's new guidelines for military draft of the Ultra-Orthodox! It’s the only and best deal in town.
Haredim should do military service on their yeshiva semester breaks, which last ten long weeks (!) a year. This solution for the the Ultra-Orthodox draft conundrum embraces the opposing core principles of both the Haredi and the secular camps.
The uncomfortable but inevitable revision of the Tal law will release Haredim from military service at a young age and tempt them into the real, working world
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