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It is a big mistake on the part of some US Jews to politicize the fight against anti-Semitism. Keep partisan politics out of it! Israeli and Diaspora Jews should band together to draw strength from solidarity, jointly combat hate, and raise the flag of unafraid and vibrant Jewish life everywhere. 
In a series of lectures in northern Europe this week, I outlined a series of approaches to beating BDS. Among other: Talk about the fundamental national rights of the Jewish People in their ancestral homeland. This can, at least, win some grudging respect for Israel.
The deep “psychological asymmetry” employed by Hamas and Fatah as a strategic weapon against Israel is working. How to handle this? Here are five strategies, including this: Don’t be embarrassed by Israel’s strength. Admit to it. Flaunt it. Better shock-and-awe than shrink-and-whimper.
It is unmitigatedly maddening to see Western leaders and media succumb with equanimity to Hamas’ obvious criminal stuntsmanship on the Gaza border. What is Western support for “Israel’s right to exist within secure and recognized borders” worth if those borders cannot be defended?
I offer here a historical review of Israeli government attitudes towards the phenomena of anti-Semitism, and take a critical look at this week’s meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism, held in Jerusalem. The Forum needs focus.
Never before had an Orthodox Jew been so close to the seat of power through family connections... Mordechai brought some order into palace decision-making, limited the King’s drinking and texting, and overall helped Achashverosh become a great King.
The Biblical story of Isaac – specifically, how Isaac’s detractors first detested him, then came around to embrace him – is a tale pregnant with deep policy relevance for the modern State of Israel. Faith, fortune and power are the ingredients that guarantee Israel success against its adversaries.
Israelis posses the sense of righteousness, purpose and resolve so desperately needed by the West. Seder night rituals reinforce this. Fighting off global Islamic jihadist attacks will similarly require a renewal of Western resolve that can only come from profound intellectual and moral rearmament.
David M. Weinberg is a think tank director, columnist and lobbyist who is a sharp critic of Israel’s detractors and of post-Zionist trends in Israel. Read more »
A passionate speaker, David M. Weinberg lectures widely in Israel, the U.S. and Canada to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences. He speaks on international politics and Middle East strategic affairs, Israeli diplomacy and defense strategy, intelligence matters and more. Click here to book David Weinberg as a speaker

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