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Six Perspectives on Peace between Israel and the Gulf States

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Since the “Abraham Accords” were unveiled in August and then signed in September 2020, I have published six op-ed columns with analysis of the dramatic developments.

These columns are collected in the PDF file attached here [2].

The latter three columns are based on extensive conversations with Emirati intellectuals and community leaders during a week-long visit to Dubai in December.

Among the issues I deal with are: Why isn’t the political left celebrating the historic achievement of peace between Israel and the Gulf states? Why is Israel allowing the Palestinian-controlled Wakf to turn the Temple Mount into a base of hostile operations against Israelis and anybody (like Gulf Arabs) who make peace with Israel? How do the Emiratis view Israel (and what should Israelis learn from that)? How do Emiratis and Bahrainis see themselves and role of Islam in the modern world? And how can the Gulf model of moderate and mature thinking be exported to other parts of the Arab world, especially the Palestinians?

Before traveling to the UAE (September-December 2020)

After visiting the UAE (December 2020-January 2021)

Download the PDF file: Six Perspectives on Peace between Israel and the Gulf States [2]