Purposefully dragging America down

By: David M. Weinberg

Sep 10, 2013

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The nonchalance of Barack Obama as America decays is ideological. Obama intends it. He seeks the weakening of the United States on the global stage. Obama believes that he will be leaving the world a better place by cutting America down to size. 

Published in Israel Hayom, September 10, 2013

Obama Born to Chill

Just about everybody in the world is puzzled and upset by the contradictions and apparent fumbles in US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. I think that most commentators have failed to correctly identify what Obama is up to. He’s out to drag America down, purposefully so.

Invariably, almost all experts, analysts and pundits have ascribed Obama’s zig zags regarding Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran, along with his failed reset in relations with Russia, either to indecision or inexperience; to incompetence or infirmity.

Yet Obama is none of these frail things. He is quite decisive when he wants to be, and very able in advancing his agenda when he really wants to hit the goal. Obama is neither naïve nor inept. He is, by all accounts, a very focused man.

So none of the descriptions above truly explain the way Obama has handled Russia or the Middle East. They do not explain why he has so wantonly let America’s international reputation and awesome global power waste away. They do not account for his indifference in the face of America’s decline.

It is clear to me that the nonchalance of Obama as America decays is ideological. Obama intends it. He seeks the weakening of the United States on the global stage. He has set this out as one of the key goals of his presidency – and he is doing a very good, skillful job at achieving his goal!

From day one, Obama made it clear that he thought America’s global performance to be arrogant and high-handed; to be overbearing and imperious; to be militaristic and immoral. Dozens of times, he made it clear that he views America not as the leader of the world or the free world, but at best as a partner in the community of nations.

Obama has never been comfortable with American leadership in world affairs, and he has been unquestionably out to completely transform that. His path is to denude the United States of its overwhelming global power, to strip the United States of its superior position, to doggedly drag America down.

Obama very clearly believes that the crippling of America will bring healing to the world; that the diminishment of America’s ability to throw its weight around will make room for other, just-as-moral powers to emerge (such as, perhaps, powerful Islamic actors); that the denouement of America will elevate world politics to a better sphere; that he will be leaving the world a better place by cutting America down to size.

Taking advantage of a war-weary American body politic, Obama has proceeded very nicely in wrenching the United States off its traditional, honorable moorings. In five short years, with three to go, he has succeeded in squandering centuries of American might, prestige and credibility. Don’t assume that this bothers him, or is the result of any failing. It is exactly where Obama is leading America, brilliantly so from his perspective – on principle, on target, and on plan.

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