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I have become a “Dry Bones” cartoon

I’m please that my Israel Hayom column of earlier this week Obama and Iranian Hegemony [1] has now become a Dry Bones cartoon!

[2]Yaakov Kirschen’s dry bones blog [3] ran the cartoon you see here, accompanied by the following excerpt from my column:

“Don’t underestimate Obama’s willingness to undercut current allies (including Israel and Saudi Arabia) in the process of cutting a deal with the Iranians. There is much more at stake here than the mere stymieing of Israeli attack plans….”

“Could it be that Obama is prepared for a seismic shift in US alliances in the region, moving from partnership with the much-weakened princes of Saudi Arabia to a “grand civilizational bargain” with the ayatollahs of Iran? Might he quietly acquiesce in an Iranian leap to nuclear status in exchange for understandings with Tehran on division of power in the region?”

“In the context of grand bargain with the Iranians (and by extension, with much of the Moslem world), might Israel’s nuclear status also be targeted (by Obama, in a second term) for troublesome attention?”

Read the full column here [4].