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A Potpourri of Punditry

Max Singer [1] optimistically thinks ahead and argues that the driving forces behind the growth of Islamic radicalism may not endure; it depends on America. Hillel Frisch [2] cogently argues that Obama should withdraw from Afghanistan, not Iraq. Efraim Inbar [3] says that Israel is not nearly as diplomatically isolated today as the political left would have us believe.

Danny Ayalon [4] minces no words in explaining Israel’s proposed new citizenship law. Giora Eiland [5]explains why Israel’s demand for recognition as Jewish state is crucial to a stable peace agreement. Daniel Gordis [6] explains why the settlement freeze controversy is a metaphor for the legitimacy of Israel as the home of the Jews. Bill Kristol [7] reveals the true pro-Israel lobby in America.

Daniel Doron exposes the phony alchemists of peace [8] and impresses on the need to break up Israel’s oligarchies and monopolies [9]

The ever-fearless Khaled Abu Toameh comments on the enemies of peace [10], PA killings of Palestinians who do business with Israel [11], the Arabs of east Jerusalem [11], and radical Moslems in Europe [10].

Finally, as we approach the Congressional elections, read Edward Klein and Richard Chesnoff on the scope of the Jewish problem with Obama [12].

A few additional, excellent articles below:

Demographic bogey [13]
Moshe Arens, Haaretz

Time Bomb: Israeli and Palestinian Perceptions of Time [14]
Shmuel Rosner, Foreign Policy

Killing of Israelis must be timed just right, says PA [15]
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Jerusalem Post

Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People: From the San Remo Conference (1920) to the Netanyahu-Abbas Talks [16]
Joshua Teitelbaum, JCPA

British military hero Richard Kemp explains why he defended Israel, challenged Goldstone Report [17]
Modi Kreitman, Ynet

Restore Reason and Decency to the Discussion Concerning Israel [18]
Jose Maria Aznar, Friends of Israel Initiative

Fayyad: Our Man in Palestine [19]
Nathan Thrall, New York Review of Books

Ben-Gurion’s legacy on Jerusalem under assault [20]
Dore Gold, Jerusalem Post

Obama’s Repudiation of Promises to Israel Comes Back to Haunt Him [21]
Evelyn Gordon, Commentary

The Other Existential Threat [22]
Daniel Gordis, Commentary

UN Poisons Its Human Rights Mission [23]
Irwin Cotler, Australian

Recognizing Israel as a “Jewish State” [24]
Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

Harper’s Ethical Insight into Israel [25]
Salim Mansur, The Mark