A Potpourri of Punditry

Max Singer optimistically thinks ahead and argues that the driving forces behind the growth of Islamic radicalism may not endure; it depends on America. Hillel Frisch cogently argues that Obama should withdraw from Afghanistan, not Iraq. Efraim Inbar says that Israel is not nearly as diplomatically isolated today as the political left would have us believe.

Danny Ayalon minces no words in explaining Israel’s proposed new citizenship law. Giora Eiland explains why Israel’s demand for recognition as Jewish state is crucial to a stable peace agreement. Daniel Gordis explains why the settlement freeze controversy is a metaphor for the legitimacy of Israel as the home of the Jews. Bill Kristol reveals the true pro-Israel lobby in America.

Daniel Doron exposes the phony alchemists of peace and impresses on the need to break up Israel’s oligarchies and monopolies

The ever-fearless Khaled Abu Toameh comments on the enemies of peace, PA killings of Palestinians who do business with Israel, the Arabs of east Jerusalem, and radical Moslems in Europe.

Finally, as we approach the Congressional elections, read Edward Klein and Richard Chesnoff on the scope of the Jewish problem with Obama.

A few additional, excellent articles below:

Demographic bogey
Moshe Arens, Haaretz

Time Bomb: Israeli and Palestinian Perceptions of Time
Shmuel Rosner, Foreign Policy

Killing of Israelis must be timed just right, says PA
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Jerusalem Post

Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People: From the San Remo Conference (1920) to the Netanyahu-Abbas Talks
Joshua Teitelbaum, JCPA

British military hero Richard Kemp explains why he defended Israel, challenged Goldstone Report
Modi Kreitman, Ynet

Restore Reason and Decency to the Discussion Concerning Israel
Jose Maria Aznar, Friends of Israel Initiative

Fayyad: Our Man in Palestine
Nathan Thrall, New York Review of Books

Ben-Gurion’s legacy on Jerusalem under assault
Dore Gold, Jerusalem Post

Obama’s Repudiation of Promises to Israel Comes Back to Haunt Him
Evelyn Gordon, Commentary

The Other Existential Threat
Daniel Gordis, Commentary

UN Poisons Its Human Rights Mission
Irwin Cotler, Australian

Recognizing Israel as a “Jewish State”
Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

Harper’s Ethical Insight into Israel
Salim Mansur, The Mark

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